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A user interface element that is displayed at the top of record screens. When clicked, each tab opens a new set of information from the record.


Internal assignments for TeamConnect Users. For example, preparing reports, reviewing documentation, and other activities could be considered tasks. Tasks can be project-specific (associated with a particular Project) or global (not associated with projects). They can also be billable (posted against an account) or non-billable (a task without a cost).


A computer file with a pre-designed format and structure, for example, for a fax, letter, or expense report, which can be copied to serve as a pattern or model for additional files of the same type.


A geographic area with which a Contact is associated. You can associate several territories to a contact.


Events in your business that change its financial position, such as buying supplies, paying bills, withdrawing money, or buying equipment. For example, ExpensesTasks, and Invoices in addition to regular money withdrawals from and transfers between Accounts are transactions. Transactions are posted or completed against accounts.

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