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Authenticating Users

Login procedures vary based on the authentication mechanism used by your organization.

There are two main methods:

  • Standard Login
  • Single Sign-on Authentication

Standard Login

If you access the login URL and see a screen with username and password fields, your organization uses the standard login. This type of authentication compares your username and password with stored information and grants access if a match is made. For further details as well as notes on the Forgot Password functionality, see Logging In.

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Single Sign-on Authentication

Single sign-on authentication lets you log in without providing a username and password—assuming you are identified through some local network authentication process. If you are successfully authenticated, a new window opens and displays your home page. For more details on logging in using single sign-on, contact your administrator.

If you close the window or your session expires, you cannot reuse the original window even if you are still logged in to your local network. To use single sign-on again, you must open a new browser window and go to the login URL.

Pages are often customized for an organization's specific needs. The look of your pages, and the data shown on those pages, may be quite different from the "out of the box" version. In this documentation, screen images and other descriptions refer to the "out of the box" appearance. However, even if your organization's performed customizations, the ways of navigating within and between pages will be very similar to those described here.

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