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User Interface Settings

This page details configuration and customization of your user interface in TeamConnect. For details on Custom Color profiles, their implementation, and the related LESS files used to create Custom Profiles, please see Color Profile Administration.

User Interface Settings

You can configure the following Admin Settings from the User Interface page:

  • Company Settings—Enable custom logos and alternate texts and select color profiles for company-wide UI customization. 
    Note: The Color Profile option will determine the Use System Color preference for all users.
  • Button Defaults—Set the default Save Button and default Cancel button options (e.g., Save vs. Save & View).
  • Custom Color Profile—Select a designed custom color profile.
  • Batch Display Settings—Move the Action column and its buttons from the right of the display to the left of the display.
  • User selection—For certain fields that are populated by user or contact names, you can choose the selection format (drop-down list or search).
  • Login screen Message—Text that displays on the login page. For example, a welcome message.

A conceptual overview of the settings follows. If you prefer to skip to the procedure for configuring the settings, see Setting up the User Interface.

Custom Logo

If you choose to replace the default company logo with a custom logo, the graphic in the upper left of application pages (after login) will be changed.

Note: For best appearance, use custom logos that are 50 pixels or less in height.

For information on designing custom color profiles, please see Color Profile Administration.

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