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Salesforce Keys

Salesforce Integration (oAuth)


This topic outlines the steps to setup a new Salesforce oAuth integration with TAP, and to add Salesforce elements to a workflow once the oAuth integration has been completed. You will need to have both TAP and Salesforce open (in separate browser windows or tabs), and be logged in to both accounts.

Salesforce oAuth Integration

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To setup a new Salesforce oAuth integration:

  1. Open Salesforce ( and log in to the account from which you wish to create the API connection.
  2. Once logged in, navigate to the Setup page (located in the top right corner of the home page).
  3. From the Build menu, select Create > Apps.
  4. On the Apps page, under the Connected Apps section, click the New button.
  5. Name the new app and provide the user email to be associated with it.
  6. TAP - salesforce keys (image 2).jpg
  7. Select  the Enable OAuth Settings checkbox, add all Available OAuth Scopes to the Selected OAuth Scopes list, then click Save.
  8. Open and log in to TAP. Click the Administration TAP - salesforce keys (image 3).jpg button in the TAP Toolbar to access the Administration module.
    • The User page is displayed by default.
  9. Click the SalesForce Keys link in the INTEGRATIONS menu to display the Salesforce Keys page. Click the New salesforce key button.

  10. TAP - salesforce keys (image 4).jpg
  11. Once this has been saved, we need to move over to TAP and get our Callback URL - log in to TAP, navigate to the Users tab, click on "Salesforce Keys" > New Salesforce Key.
  12. Copy and paste the callback URL (found at the bottom of the page) onto Salesforce and click "Save."
  13. Back on TAP, we need to input the "Key Label" (anything relevant) and copy over the "Consumer Key" and "Consumer Secret" from the Salesforce page onto TAP (Do NOT click "Save" yet)
  14. Wait 2 - 10 minutes for the integration from Salesforce to take effect and then click "Save."
  15. A new screen will pop up on TAP asking you to allow or deny access - click "Allow."

The oAuth integration is now set up and can be selectively used in any workflow.

Salesforce on Workflows

Once Salesforce oAuth integration setup has been completed, you can add a Salesforce element to any workflow.

To add a Salesforce element to a workflow:

TAP - salesforce keys (image 7).jpg

  1. Open the desired workflow in the Designer.
  2. Add a new TAP - salesforce keys (image 5).jpg Salesforce records field to the workflow form.
  3. Click the new Salesforce record field in the workflow form, then click the TAP - salesforce keys (image 6).jpg Salesforce Options button in the toolbar.
    • The Salesforce record options dialog displays.
  4. Select the newly created Salesforce key from the Please select salesforce key menu.
  5. Select the desired object type from the Please select object type menu.
  6. Select the desired object field from the Please select object field menu.
  7.  When all desired options have been selected, click the Save button to save your changes and close the Salesforce record options dialog.
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