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How do I export a workflow

How do I export a workflow in TAP

How do I export a workflow? 

  • Login to TAP
  • Click on Business Automation tab - Designer

How do I export a workflow 01.png

Designer Tab appears

How do I export a workflow 02.png

Click on the three dots underneath the Action column

You have 2 options - Export and Advanced Export

  1. Click on Export 

How do I export a workflow 03.png

A pop-up containing a folder will appear containing your exported workflow

How do I export a workflow 05.png

  1. Click on Advanced Export

The 'Advanced Export' feature is necessary for the following reasons:

  • It decreases the overall time required for importing new workflows.
  • It assists in quickly troubleshooting workflow-related issues.

clipboard_e620a1836ed75693ac317e870208c16c9.png                                clipboard_ec3ebcdddce7938941aabd8da1340f1ee.png

Upon selecting 'Advanced Export', the following actions take place:

  1. The extracted .tapw file is named "(Workflow Template Name).tapw" instead of "template.tapw".
  2. A zipped folder (.tapz) is downloaded, titled '(Workflow Template Name) - (Date Downloaded)'.
  3. The folder includes:
    • .tapw file of the workflow template.
    • Attachments folder containing labeled attachments linked to any stage of the workflow.
    • CSS folder containing labeled CSS templates linked to stages or thank you pages.
    • Data Sources folder containing named TAP Stored data sources.
    • eSign Documents folder containing named eSignature uploaded templates.

NOTE: A TAP user with the Super Admin role can assign 'Advanced Export Privileges' to any role.

Users with this role will have access to the 'Advanced Export' option in both the designer and revisions grid.

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