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How do I access TAP from my email?

This page explains how to access TAP from your email.

Although you can "edit requests" from the TAP Dashboard, you can also edit those requests from the comfort of your inbox. The "current assignee" in a workflow will likely get an email notification, letting them know that it is his or her turn to fill out a webform. When that happens, you can go directly to the webform from your email. 

TAP - access TAP email (image 1).jpg

Access TAP via email:

  1. Check your email. 
  2. Open the notification that you received from TAP.
  3. This notification is custom built for each participant in each workflow, so its look and feel can change.
  4. Notice the buttons and links in the notification. Are there any buttons or links? If there are, you may be able to submit information into the form without leaving your inbox. You may also have a quick link back to the webform, if you'd prefer to look at the information within the TAP site. 
  5. These buttons and links allow you to take Action from the email. If you click approve, for example, you are approving what you see on your screen. You do not need to leave this email – your work is done.  If you click "Proceed to form" or something that seems like a link back to TAP, when you click this link you will be redirected to TAP. From there, you can enter more information into your webform. 


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