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How to provide different Roles in the TAP Environment the permission to edit a Workflow Template

Goal - To assist the user in setting up the Workflow Permissions such that user with different Role within the TAP Environment can edit it. 

Please refer to the steps given below -

  • Login to the TAP Environment.
  • Go to  'Business Automation' >> Designer.

Workflow edit 1.jpg

  • Click Load to open the required workflow.

Workflow edit 2.jpg

  • In the Designer window that opens up, Click "Set Workflow Permissions".

Workflow edit 3.jpg

  • In the Workflow Permissions window, Go to Administration tab.

Workflow edit 4.jpg

  • For the field "Allow to edit or delete workflow template" dropdown select the required Role. In the example given below, the Role 'User' is selected. Click Save to save the changes. 

Workflow edit 5.jpg

  • Click 'Save Worklflow' to save the changes.

Workflow edit 6.jpg

As a Result of this change a user with the 'User' role in the system can now view the Workflow in the list and has the permissions to edit the workflow.

Workflow edit 7.jpg

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