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Searching for a Record Using Filters

Filters can be used to search one specified field within the entire database of the active module.

  The filter functionality is not available for custom tabs within a module.

To Search Using a Custom Filter:

  1. On any page containing a grid, select the field to search from the dropdown list.
  2. Select an option to indicate where in the field you want the search to be performed. For example:
    • contains – Search the entire field for the character string.
    • starts with – Search for the character string at the beginning of the field.
    • equals – Search for the record that matches the character string exactly.
  3. Type the character string for which to search. For implementations that use an Oracle database, this search method is case-sensitive.
  4. Click Find to perform the search.

Note: Suite treats the following characters as wildcard characters:

  • %
  • _
  • [
  • ]
  • ^

To Search Using a Predefined Filter:

  1. On any page containing a grid, click on any of the predefined filters that are listed.
  2. Click Find to perform the search.
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