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Delete Duplicate Jurisdiction Records


Client has a significant number of duplicate Jurisdiction records, with entities registered to both and needs to remove duplicates while preserving the jurisdiction information.


The following is the process for deleting duplicate Jurisdiction records:
1. Edit the Jurisdiction record that will be deleted and enter the word DELETE in the Jurisdiction field next to the name of the jurisdiction (e.g., Delaware (DELETE))
2. In the Search Module, create a search to pull all registration records linked to the Jurisdiction to be deleted as follows: Tab/Page = Registrations > Field = Jurisdiction > Operator = Contains > Value = DELETE
3. This will pull a list of all Entities that are associated to that Jurisdiction.
4. Click on the Entity Name link to open the Entity record.
5. Click on the Registrations tab
6. Edit the record for the Jurisdiction containing DELETE in the name.
7. Click on the ellipsis at the end of the Jurisdiction field and select the correct Jurisdiction without the DELETE in the name
8. Click Save. This process relinks the record to the Jurisdiction record that will not be deleted.
9. Close the window and repeat steps 4 through 8 for every Jurisdiction record with the DELETE in the name for all Entities. Once all records have been re-associated to the correct Jurisdiction, the Jurisdiction record with the DELETE in the name can be deleted.


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