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Valid Login Syntax for LDAP

Users must provide user information in the appropriate syntax for the LDAP server.

Active Directory

Valid forms of the login are:

  • domain\user_name
  • cn=user_name, cn=users, dc=sub-domain, dc=domain, dc=com


For a login ID, OpenLDAP uses Distinguished Names, which can be lengthy. To facilitate logging in, a series of rules are applied to expand a simple string into a full Distinguished Name:

  • If the username starts with a period (.), omit the period.
  • If there is no equal sign (=) or comma (,) in the username, login in the following manner:
  • “cn=“ + username + “,” + UserDomain
  • If there is no “dc=“ in the username add the domain at the end. Examples of these mappings:







þÿ  When a name is delimited with a comma and space, use the backslash character before the comma (for example, CN=Smith\, John).

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