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Making a Report Available from a Tab

After creating a custom tab or when modifying a default tab (provided by Mitratech), you can configure which reports can be accessed from the tab by clicking the Reports button on the tab. Any report template can be made accessible from a tab within any module.

For the Summary page of all modules, add the tab-specific report(s) to the Base Info tab of the module. For matter-specific analysis on the Invoices module Summary page, add the tab-specific report(s) to the Matter tab of Invoices in eCounsel.

To Make a Report Template Available from a Tab:

  1. Open Suite Manager.
  2. Import the report template to be made available if it has not been imported.
  3. On the Suite Manager control panel, click on the icn_Modules_Tabs Modules/Tabs component in the System Configuration area.
  4. On the Modules/Tabs window, select an application and module from the list.
  5. Select a tab from the list, then click Configure.
  6. On the Tab Configuration dialog box, click on the Tab-specific Reports tab.

    If no reports appear or the report you want is not in the list, you must import the report template into Suite Manager.
  7. Select a report from the list of available reports, and click the button to add the report to the list of reports that can be accessed from the tab. Click the button to move all available reports to the list of included reports. To remove a report from the list of included reports, select the report and click the btn_Left button.
  8. Click Save.
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