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Why don’t I see the imported invoice in eCounsel?

Several issues may prevent an invoice from being imported into the eCounsel matter management system:

  • Verify that the Invoice Integration Settings in the System Settings component of Suite Manager are correct.

  • Verify that the Collaborati Invoice Integration Task and the Collaborati Vendors/Timekeepers/Codes/Matters Task are scheduled to be executed at an interval selected by your system administrator. Select the appropriate task and click the Run Now button on the Scheduler window to execute the task immediately. If an error occurs during execution, the task name will display in a red font.

  • If the configuration of Smart Invoice has been verified, check the logs in the Diagnostics component of Suite Manager. For manually imported invoices, open InvoiceImport.log. For invoices imported from the Collaborati Website, open collaboratiInvoiceImport.log.

Why is an approver not being notified that an invoice is ready for approval?

The Approver E-mail Notification task must be configured for this feature to work. In addition, when configuring the Approver E-mail Notification Task alert, the list of users indicates the users who will not receive e-mail notification (typically, the alerts are opt-in, but this alert is an opt-out alert). Verify that the checkbox by the approver’s name is not checked to ensure he/she will receive an e-mail notification.

Why is an invoice not being routed to the next approver?

If two or more approvers have the same order number on the Invoice Approval dialog box, the invoice will not be routed to the next set of approvers until all approvers assigned the same order number have approved the invoice or timed out.

Why is the Total Discounts Billed field missing on the Matter tab?

  • Click the Options button and make sure the Total Discounts Billed field is selected to display on the grid.
  • If the field has been hidden by a view, type, or database access security attribute profile, certain users may not see the field on the Matter tab. See your system administrator.

Why is an invoice-level discount added to the original invoice amount?

You must enter a negative sign before the amount if you want a discount amount to be subtracted from the original amount.

Why do I receive a “Vendor does not exist” error when importing timekeepers for Collaborati?

  • In Suite Manager, verify that the Collaborati integration is enabled in the Invoice Integration Settings.
  • Verify that you are importing the correct eInvoicingTKImport.csv for Collaborati timekeepers.
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