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LegalHold eCounsel Integration Guide

The integration between the eCounsel matter management system and Legal Hold allows all users with access to the integration to view legal holds that have been created for matters in eCounsel, and if the user has appropriate access to Legal Hold, create new legal holds directly from the matter in eCounsel.

Depending on the integration settings in Legal Hold, the system administrator can enable functionality that will only allow matters and legal holds to be created from eCounsel and not from the Legal Hold application. Once the hold is created, all management of the hold occurs in Legal Hold.

Within eCounsel, any legal holds that match the matter number for the current matter will display in a designated area. In addition, the Matter Summary page indicates the number of active legal hold exists for the matter.

If changes are made to the matter information (such as matter name or number) within eCounsel, a user with a user account in Legal Hold can access the legal hold from eCounsel and make the appropriate changes to the legal hold. Thus, after the creation of the legal hold from eCounsel, any changes must be performed on a case- by-case, manual basis. The user’s ability to modify the legal hold is based on the access rights for the user account in Legal Hold.

Because matter numbers must be unique in Legal Hold, but are not required to be unique in eCounsel, use a matter naming convention in eCounsel that assigns a unique matter number to all matters. A naming convention will avoid any confusion so that only legal holds that apply to the matter display in eCounsel.


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