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May 2017 - Exporting Documents

This webinar is designed to showcase how to run and export reports into several different formats such as Word, PDF, and Excel.


Export Documents to Word to Make Custom Edits


Examples of Report Customization

  • Watermarks
    • Confidential
    • Draft
    • Company Name or Logo
  • Headers and Footers
  • Colors
  • Branding and Logos
  • Simple Text Edit
  • Font Changes

Create Pivot Tables & Charts from an Excel Document 


  • Select “Insert” Tab & Choose Pivot Table or Pivot Chart
sec3.PNG sec4.PNG


Create Searches and Export to Excel

To view a webinar on building a search and exporting data to Excel, please click here

  • List/Grid Reporting
    • Utilizing Filters, Instant Reports, Exporting data
  • Ad Hoc Searches: Creating & Saving
    • Build Searches with Prompts to use for Multiple Report Results
    • Build Report Templates to Work in Conjunction with Searches
    • Associate Canned Reports to Searches
  • Canned Reports You May Not Utilize Enough
Multi-Value list While using the option of Export Results from custom search, which has a multi-value list field,  displays only 10 MVL values in the exported file (ex: PDF, excel) followed by three dots representing there are more values.


Ideal Report Types by Format & Best Practices



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