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Formation/Status of Entities Page Title

The jurisdiction of formation for an entity and current status are entered when creating an entity. This information then appears in the following locations:

  • Secretariat Entities Base Info tab:
  • Secretariat Entities Summary page:
  • Secretariat Corporate Data Sheet report (both the SAP Business Objects and i-net Clear Reports versions):
  • SuperViewer Entity Information page:
  • SuperViewer Corporate Data Sheet report:

The As Of date entered for reports has no bearing on the formation/status information and is used for other subsections of the report. The formation/status information always displays the current information for the entity.

Registration types that qualify as a formation type include:

  • Amalgamation – Used in Canada when one or more companies are merged into a new company.
  • Establishment – Primarily used in non-U.S. countries.
  • Formation – Used by Limited Liability Company (LLC) and partnership entity types.
  • Incorporation – Used by corporation entity types.

After the entity is created, you can edit the formation information on the Entities Registrations tab. For status changes, use the Change Status Wizard.

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