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Microsoft Exchange Integration

Integration with Microsoft’s Exchange Server allows you to send new appointment requests, updates, and cancellation requests to any Secretariat user with an e-mail address defined in his/her preferences and a Microsoft Outlook client that has an account on the Microsoft Exchange Server.

Once the integration has been established by the System Administrator using Suite Manager, each user must define his/her e-mail address within Secretariat by clicking the Tools menu, selecting Preferences, and clicking on the Calendar tab.


When a new appointment from within Secretariat is created or changed through the Calendar tab, an e-mail is sent from the administrative account to all invited users in the form of a meeting request, which allows them to respond and add it to their calendar. The subject line for updated appointments includes the name of the user creating the calendar item.

When an appointment is deleted, it will be deleted from the calendar of all invitees who have a mailbox on the Microsoft Exchange server. Outside invitees will receive an e-mail message notifying them of the deletion.


For invitees with a Microsoft Exchange server mailbox, new tasks are added to a task folder that is shared with the account that is defined as the service account for the integration. If the task is modified, all users are sent a notification message by e-mail. The task is not automatically updated or deleted. The user must change the previously scheduled task manually.

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