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Suite 8.11.0 SP5 Update 1



Date Released: 11/16/2022


Issue Resolutions

This service pack includes the following issue resolutions.


  • We resolved some security issues.


  • When a custom rule changed the Matter’s Closed Date, a ClassCastException occurred.

Tracking code: STE-26761


  • We fixed an issue with Custom Rules in which changes to the Company table passed BillingInfo objects that caused an exception error. 

Tracking code: STE-26748


  • In Custom Rules, when a Matter that had UserFields defined either on the Base Info tab or other child components, for example, Matter Player, and that Matter was created, UserFields would run twice the command INSERT.

Tracking code: STE-26653



  • When logging in to eCounsel by using the OKTA dashboard or SSO authentication, a DBFileParser.getDefaultDB error message appeared.

Tracking code: STE-25593, STE-24394


  • We fixed an issue with the search not yielding correct results when doing a search in the comments field.

Tracking code: STE-26263


  • We fixed an issue in which sometimes eCounsel duplicated invoices coming from Collaborati.

Tracking code: STE-26305


  • We resolved the following issues with  New Matter Wizard (NMW):

    • NMW didn’t show in the eCounsel menu.

    • NMW allowed users to generate invalid dates.

Tracking code: STE-26306, STE-26622


  • We fixed an issue where the Enter key didn’t save calendar entries in Appointment, Tasks, and Damages. Now you can save calendar entries using the Enter key or the Save button.

Tracking code: STE-26327


  • When several primary contacts (attorneys) were added, the eCounsel > Matters > Base Info tab only displayed the Record or Base info of the first attorney listed.

Tracking code: STE-26764


  • We fixed an issue in which eCounsel couldn’t save ten matters consecutively.

Tracking code: STE-26329



  • When doing a search on the Owner Issue Dates field and receiving an unknown date, the search engine stopped working. 

Tracking code: STE-26345


  • We fixed an issue when running reports in which the ownership history of an entity wouldn’t show and couldn’t be exported to a file.

Tracking code: STE-26870




  • This service pack requires the previous service pack installed:

    • Suite. (Service Pack 15 version 1)

  • This service-pack-update updates the following applications:

  • Suite (Suite.

  • Suite Manager (SuiteManager.exe)



Click on the link below to download a compressed file that can be used to access the necessary installation files.

  • Suite. (Service Pack 15 Update 1)

  • Suite Manager (SuiteManager.exe)

  • Database scripts (Oracle and SQL Server)

The following reports can be imported to take advantage of issue resolutions.


Corporate Data Sheet BOE Report


Installation Instructions


Suite Installation Instructions

  1. Stop the Bridgeway Suite application on the Java application server.

  2. Use Update Manager to install the Suite. update. Update Manager backs up the modified files

  3. Restart the Bridgeway Suite application on the Java application server.

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