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Customizing Help Files

Customizing Help Files

You can customize help files so that your users have site-specific information about your implementation of Bridgeway E-mail Link. These help files appear in Bridgeway E-mail Link as messages in a Help folder in the e-mail client.


In order to customize these files, you must either be able to edit HTML directly or use an HTML editor.

To Customize Help Files:

  1. Open a file from the <Install> \BridgewayE-mailLink\help\outlook directory, where <Install> is the parent installation directory.
  2. Modify any files as needed to comply with your site standards.
  3. Delete any files for features that you do not use. (You can replace these files from the installation directory if necessary.)
  4. If you need to create a new topic, copy one of the existing files and edit it or create a new HTML file.
  5. Save and close the files.
  6. Stop the Bridgeway E-mail Link service.
  7. Delete the database file specified in Step 5 on page 10 when configuring the imap.xml file for the Bridgeway E-mail Link server.
  8. Start the Bridgeway E-mail Link service. Users will have the new help files available the next time the service synchronizes folders.


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