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Add Key Person

  1. Click Add Key Person in the Key Personnel sidebar.


  1. Select an individual from the drop-down list. If you do not see the individual you want to add, contact your site administrator so he or she can create a profile for the individual.
    1. Click the red icon to turn access to the matter record or notifications on (hmfile_hash_6e584dbf.png). Access to the matter record and notifications are initially turned off (hmfile_hash_8051468a.png).
  2. Click Add Record to confirm.


Release a Key Person

  1. Click the edit add_key_person_hmfile_hash_eac883b2.png icon.
    The key person's profile opens below.
  2. Click Release.

Note: Performing this action only releases the key person from the matter, not the Lawtrac application.


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