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Step 5: Assignments

Select a predefined team or primary person assigned to lead the matter.
  1. From the Assignments page, select a predefined team or primary person assigned to lead the matter.
    You can only select one or the other; if you choose both a primary team and a lead, the predefined team will be reset when you hit the Next button.
  2. Click Next to save and move on to the next page.



Predefined Team

Select a team to assign to the matter.


Select an individual to assign to the matter as the primary person. This role must be filled in order to create the matter record.

Assign Myself to Matter

Update this field if you want to assign yourself to the matter:

assignments_access_green.gif—You are assigned to the matter
assignments_access_red.gif—You are not assigned to the matter

Send Everyone a Message

Update this field based on whether you want all people assigned to receive an internal message:

assignments_access_green.gif—Assignees receive a message regarding the matter
assignments_access_red.gif—Assignees do not receive a message regarding the matter

Turn Reminder Service On For All Assigned

This switch is located to the right of the Assignments box, under Reminders.

assignments_access_green.gif—Reminder service is enabled
assignments_access_red.gif—Reminder service is disabled


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