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Step 1: Start Screen

Enter basic information required for any matter on the Start screen.

From the Start page for adding a new matter, you can enter some basic information required for any matter.




Update the matter governing category if necessary. The classification you entered may appear with drop-down lists that add more detailed classifications. You can select the classifications from these drop-down lists or change the existing classification.

Matter No.

Select the matter number prefix.

Important: The Matter No. field is dependent on whether or not your company uses the automatic number sequence feature. Each prefix has a default work group setting. If you are not a member of the work group associated with a particular prefix, that prefix does not appear in the Matter No. drop-down.


Select the status for the matter you are creating. You can create matter records for matters which are already closed, for reporting purposes.


Select the matter priority.

Matter Name

Enter a name for the matter. You can enter up to 250 characters. Unless you enter a unique matter name, you cannot move on to the next step.

Matter Short Name

Enter a short name for the matter for use in searches and some matter listings. You can enter up to 75 characters. Unless you enter a unique matter short name, you cannot move on to the next step.

Click Next to save and move on to the next page.


NoteClick Full screen mode to see a page that displays all the options for adding a new matter on one screen.


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