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How do I edit a budget?

Click on any budget number link to view the details for that specific budget. The page includes the following sections:

The Top of a Budget

The area at the top of the budget details screen displays the budget number, firm or vendor name, information or matter associated with the budget, and the budget status. The budget status shows whether the budget is pending, approved, or denied and whether it is active or inactive. This section also includes a Settings tab for the budget. Click Update when you change the settings.

To flag the budget for easy return access:

  1. Click Set Flag.
    The budget appears in your My Flags page.
  2. Select a color of your preference for organization.
    1. Select Close/Cancel to end the process without flagging the budget.

When a matter is Flagged, the  icon appears beside a Remove Flag link. Click the link to remove the flagged status.

Tools Tab

Use the following links on the Tools tab:

  • Create Print View—Click to create a printable view of the budget that you can use to create a PDF
  • Personal Note—Click to add a personal note to the budget. Outside counsel and other users cannot see this note
  • Delete Budget—Click to remove the budget from your database. You must have permissions set to complete this action

Bottom Tabs

From the View/Add Lines tab, review and edit existing line items and add new line items to the budget.

Line items are intended to identify tasks depending on Phase, and for assigning a monetary rate for hours worked on a particular task.

  • —Edit a budget line item, or approve/reject the budget line item if you have the rights to do so (the "Approval Status" drop-down menu appears at the bottom)
  • —Delete the line item

To add a line item:

Select and enter line item information on the right side.

  1. Decide what is going to be done by selecting a phase from the corresponding drop-down menu. The "Task" drop-down list may generate based on "Phase" selection.
  2. Enter budget amount by rate per hours and amount of hours worked.
  3. Change the currency exchange rate if necessary using the drop-down list, and select a check-box for billing occurrence.
  4. Type comments or classifications into the text field.
  5. Specify how the budget item will be paid using the bottom drop-down lists.
  6. Click Add Line.
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