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How do I search for budgets?

Click Budget Management from the Finance tab to see a list of budgets for your assigned matter record invoices.

The top of the screen provides you with numerous mini-reports. Click a link to display data specific to a category or your selection. All budget totals on this screen are rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

In the list of budgets, the Matter No. and Budget No. columns include links that open those matters or budgets. Click on firm/company name to see all budgets for that firm or vendor.

Click on a fiscal year to see all budgets for that particular year.

Note: You can also access budgets from a matter. From within the matter, click the Finance Navigation Bar and select Budgets.

The  icon indicates that the budget has been approved.

Filter the Budget List

Click the Search tab (top right). Enter information in the following fields:

  • Firm/Vendor—Select the name of a firm or vendor from the drop-down list
  • Fiscal Year—Select a fiscal year
  • Matter Name or Number—Enter part or all of a matter name or number

Important: The intended functionality of budgets within Lawtrac is that there should be one budget per firm/vendor, per matter. It is recommended that you delete inactive or rejected budgets. Retaining them can cause some screens and/or reports to display misleading amounts.


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