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Lawtrac 4.2.2 Patch Notes

This page houses all of the patch updates for Lawtrac 4.2.2.

Patch 1

Lawtrac 4.2.2 Patch 1 (PLT4220001) resolves the following issues:

Issue: Query error was thrown when Administrator or regular user set specific date ranges as Criteria for the Report Writer.

Tracking code: LSP-10733

Support case: 2017-0912-397794


Issue: Error thrown and results did not display when the Include Firms / Vendors in Criteria checkbox was checked for the Report Writer.

Tracking code: LSP-10725

Support case: 2017-0901-395532


Patch 2

Lawtrac 4.2.2 Patch 2 (PLT4220002) resolves the following issues:

Issue: Error thrown when user submitted a LEDES invoice with more than 10 different invoice numbers.

Tracking code: LSP-10749

Support case: 2017-0908-397006


Patch 4

Lawtrac 4.2.2 Patch 4 (PLT4220004) resolves the following issues:

Issue: The Type5 export codes were set inconsistently on invoices.

Tracking code: LSP-10918

Support case: 2017-0727-388028


Patch 5

Lawtrac 4.2.2 Patch 5 (PLT4220005) resolves the following issues:

Issue: Users could not add more than 42 characters to the Matter email field.

Tracking code: LSP-11005

Support case: 2017-1004-403223


Issue: When submitting invoices, the incorrect quarter appears based on the FY18 settings.

Tracking code: LSP-11022

Support case: 2017-1002-402343


Patch 6

Lawtrac 4.2.2 Patch 6 (PLT4220006) resolves the following issues:

Issue: When adding a new matter, no keyword list was available to users even though the association had been made in the Administrator settings. This issue was present across all selected Matter Types.

Tracking code: LSP-11068

Support case: 2017-1011-404948


Issue: When set between a specific date range, the Invoice list was not considering all invoice amounts and was totaling the invoices incorrectly.

Tracking code: LSP-10988

Support case: 2017-0926-401055


Issue: The Legal Hold Notification Report displayed the Legal Hold Verification column incorrectly.

Tracking code: LSP-11092

Support case: 2017-0929-402131


Issue: The New Invoice icon did not light up and indicate a newly received invoice.

Tracking code: LSP-10597

Support case: 2017-0829-394799


Patch 7

Lawtrac 4.2.2 Patch 7 (PLT4220007) resolves the following issues:

Issue: Opposing Firm is not returned unless the Include Only Opposing checkbox is checked.

Tracking code: LSP-10356

Support case: 2017-0720-386491


Issue: The Keyword dropdown menu within matters contained all possible keyword types instead of only having the keywords associated with the matter type.

Tracking code: LSP-11163

Support case: 2017-1020-407313


Issue: Messages added to a Hold Notice were immediately sent when Add Message was clicked.

Tracking code: LSP-9807


Patch 8

Lawtrac 4.2.2 Patch 8 (PLT4220008) resolves the following issues:

Issue: No hyperlink appeared in the Missing Required Information screen when the required Type7 field was missing.

Tracking code: LSP-11257

Support case: 2017-1024-408058


Issue: Long Type5 links were overlapping the Type7 link in the Missing Required Information screen.

Tracking code: LSP-11249

Support case: 2017-1031-409755


Issue: After adding a new matter, the Missing Information banner stated that the Description Text field was missing even if the field was populated and required.

Tracking code: LSP-11241

Support case: 2017-1031-409759


Issue: Error message appeared when a matter record was opened.

Tracking code: LSP-11215

Support case: 2017-1026-408463


Issue: The Hold Actions page took between 5-8 minutes to load when user added 300+ recipients to a hold.

Tracking code: LSP-10024

Support case: 2017-0629-382053


Patch 9

Lawtrac 4.2.2 Patch 9 (PLT4220009) resolves the following issues:


Issue: Collaborati sync halted because Collaborati's sync time was not populated and the sync would not resume until a database administrator entered an end time.

Tracking Code: LSP-11474

Support Case: 2017-1120-414876


Issue: If a user was removed from a matter on hold, there was not notification sent to the user and there was no record of the recipient being removed on the Hold Transaction or at the matter level. 

Tracking Code: LSP-11267

Support Case: 2017-1027-408957


Issue: Error was thrown when a Key Personnel user logged into a KP portal and clicked on a matter number.

Tracking Code: LSP-11084

Support Case: 2017-10039-404226


Patch 10

Lawtrac 4.2.2 Patch 10 (PLT4220010) resolves the following issues:

Enhancement:  Lawtrac super users have a switch that, when enabled, permits them to add, edit, and/or remove documents, legal team members (In-House and Key Personnel), and text records from a matter under Legal Hold. This switch will be turned off by default. See the Legal Hold page in the online documentation for further detail.

Tracking Code: LSP-11542


Issue: The list of Timekeepers on the Manage Timekeepers > Map To page was not organized alphabetically by last name.

Tracking Code: LSP-11494

Support Case: 2017-1130-416953


Issue: The language of the transaction record for adjusting the Last Invoice Handler on a Matter's Approval Chain was improved. 

Tracking Code: LSP-11482

Support Case: 2017-1129-416750


Issue: If a user submitted a Rate Request that had the same name as a previously submitted, invalid request, the newly submitted request was not visible in Outstanding Approvals. 

Tracking Code: LSP-11416

Support Case: 2017-1025-408394


Issue: Selecting a filter character while viewing the Released Firm list would revert the page to only show Active Firms.

Tracking Code: LSP-11408

Support Case: 2017-1121-415244


Issue: No warning was presented to users that changing a Matter on an Invoice would cause all previously taken actions (rejection, approval, renewal) to be reset.

Tracking Code: LSP-11392

Support Case: 2017-1117-414602


Issue: The word Application was misspelled in the People module.

Tracking Code: LSP-11351

Support Case: 2017-1115-413575


Issue: The Client/Vendor Status stayed as Waiting for Client Authorization after the Vendor setup was completed and approved, when it should have said Active.

Tracking Code: LSP-11590

Support Case: 2017-1214-420640


Patch 11

Lawtrac 4.2.2 Patch 11 (PLT4220011) resolves the following issues: 

Issue: A record will now be added to the Hold Transactions table and the Matter Transaction table when a Legal Hold Release Notice is sent. 

Tracking Code: LSP-11502

Support Case: 2017-1206-418500


Issue: Users' names that contained an apostrophe (e.g. O'Donnel) could not be added as a Hold Recipient to matters on Hold.

Tracking Code: LSP-10016

Support Case: 2017-0622-380522


Issue: Hold Type would not save when a matter was first placed on Hold.

Tracking Code: LSP-9873

Support Case: 2017-0623-380856


Enhancement: The Hold Transactions table will no record when a Hold Recipient is added to a matter and when a Hold Administrator, hold Category, or Hold Start Date is changed. A copy of Hold Notices sent to recipients will also be added to Matter Documents. 

Tracking Code: LSP-11690

Support Case: 2017-1214-420821

Additional Detail: When a legal hold is terminated, all recipients will continue to appear, and a Released column is added and populated with a timestamp of when the recipient was released.


Patch 12

Lawtrac 4.2.2 Patch 12 (PLT4220012) resolves the following issues:

Issue: Error thrown after user added a final invoice handler without an initial invoice handler to an alternate approval chain.

Tracking Code: LSP-11525

Support Case: 2017-1208-419296


Issue: Users could not be selected as Invoice Handlers under 'Application Administration > Finance Options > Invoice Handlers' unless they had both Can Perform as a/an Lead Person on Matter Records and Can Perform as an Invoice Handler permissions enabled.

Tracking Code: LSP-11566

Support Case: 2017-1212-420024


Patch 13

Lawtrac 4.2.2 Patch 13 (PLT4220013) resolves the following issues:

Issue: The Last Invoice Handler on an Invoice would not receive a notification that they are required to take action on the Invoice.

Tracking Code: LSP-11638

Support Case: 2018-0102-423054


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