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New in Lawtrac

This page briefly outlines the major


  • Invoices can be approved by approval chains in sequential order
  • Admins are allowed to modify invoice approval chains
  • Invoice handlers added to approval chains
  • Single rejection allowed for invoice approval chains
  • Invoice approvers can be assigned temporary substitutes
  • Invoice approvers can undo line item adjustments
  • Usability improvements to individual invoice screens
  • Users can create a new invoice with same vendor after manual invoice creation
  • Admins can change an invoice's associated matter
  • Invoice handlers can be assigned substitutes
  • Admins can control the adjustments of approval and rejection dates on invoices
  • Invoice logs allow searching and sorting of invoice numbers
  • Improvements to the Recent Invoices, Pending Approval, Pending Handling, and Oldest Not Approved lists
  • Amendment of LEDES code R201


  • History of changes made to invoices logged in Application Database
  • History of changes made to rate cards logged in Application Database, including affected LEDES codes and fiscal years
  • History of changes made to currency settings logged in Application Database

Rate Cards

  • Matter-level rate card approvals can be routed to attorney (or lead role) handling matter
  • Rate cards can be set at the matter level
  • Rate cards can require timekeeper profile fields
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