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What is the Matter General Report

The Matter General Report is a useful report, accessed in a single click, that can provide a quick overview of your caseload.  It is one of the underused reports and often overlooked, yet provides a wealth of information quickly and compactly. 

From the Matters link, select General report.  The tabs on the Matter General Report page allow you to view in a single screen the matters sorted by the chosen tab.  For instance, if you look below, the Flagged tab will give you a single list of all matters that are flagged, and so on.    

In the report screen, all tabs displayed (except Info) are dependent on three things:

  • Your personal selections in the Matter Tabs area under My Settings in My Lawtrac.
  • Data relevant to the tab subject must be entered into Lawtrac. Even if a tab category is selected in My Lawtrac, it may not display on your General Matter Report if related data does not exist.
  • Options chosen in the Settings tab at the end of the row.


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