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I want to duplicate ALL of the individual timekeeper rate cards for a firm, however, the fiscal year I need is NOT listed as an option to select under the 'Set for Fiscal Year' drop-down.

If there is at least one timekeeper with already approved fiscal year rates, then the system will not populate that fiscal year as an option under the 'Set for Fiscal Year' drop-down. A possible workaround for this issue would be to delete that one timekeeper's rate card and then duplicate the rates for all of the firm employees.

Follow the steps below to delete a rate card in Lawtrac:

My Lawtrac > Application Administration > Firms & Vendors > Delete Rate Card(s) > Select a relevant Firm, Year and Individual > Click 'Here' to Delete All of the rates

Delete a Rate Card.PNG

Once deleted, perform the following steps to duplicate the rate cards for all employees:

My Lawtrac > Administrative Application > Firms & Vendors > Duplicate Rate Cards > Select a relevant Firm > Select the Year: INPUT YEAR > Select Individual: "All - Firm & Employees" > Set For Fiscal Year: "INPUT YEAR" and Click on 'Duplicate'

Duplicate a Rate Card.PNG