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Is it possible to limit LEDES/Expense code options by law firm? Can we disable codes at the firm level?

Yes, however, it is a Global level setting. Certain LEDES codes can be restricted for ALL of the firms. Lawtrac does not give clients the option to restrict a code for a specific firm. 

*Note: To restrict a code for ALL of the firms, Advanced processing rule: R204 (Restricted Codes) must be enabled. 

Perform the following steps to restrict specific codes for the firms:

My Lawtrac > Application Administration > Finance Options > LEDES Codes > Click on the relevant LEDES code >  Click on the 'red' radio button for "BLOCK FROM OUTSIDE COUNSEL USE" to activate the rule (radio button will turn 'green' indicating that the rule has been activated). 

If a restricted code is submitted when this rule is engaged, Lawtrac will automatically negate the charge bringing the line amount to $0.00.

R204 Processing Rule _ Restricted Codes.PNG