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How Can I Change a Matter Number?

Typically, these numbers are auto-generated based on settings in the Administration module.  Therefore, this is a 2-step process, the first being re-numbering the matter and then re-setting the number sequence.  The following guidelines are general in nature and provided to give you a general overview of the process.  IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED THAT YOU PERFORM THIS ON YOUR OWN.  PLEASE CONSULT WITH A SUPPORT ENGINEER BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURE.

•    Retrieve the matter  
•    Select the Edit\Close link on the right side
•    Now select Edit Main Information
•    Change the matter number from the wrong one to the correct number
•    Select Finish

Now we need to reset the number sequence.  Select My Lawtrac \ Application Administration \ Matter Maintenance \ Matter Numbers
•    Select the Edit option for old matter number, above
•    Decrease the number by 1, and press Save  
•    Use the browser’s Refresh button and then navigate back to My Lawtrac \ Application Administration \ Matter Maintenance \ Matter Numbers to confirm that the matter number has been successfully changed.  


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