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View an Existing Rate Request

Follow the instructions below to view an existing rate request:

  1. Click the Timekeepers tab.
  2. Click Rate Requests. If requests already exist, you will see a list of created or uploaded requests.
  3. Under the Request Name column, click the link for the rate request you want to view.

    Rate Request: Invoice Task Rate

    For each entry, you will need to enter information about a timekeeper. Choose: Timekeeper rate
    Timekeeper: Select the Name from drop down
    Type: Invoice Task Rate
    Code: Select the task code
    Start Date: Required
    End Date: Required
    Note: Optional
  4. Click the Add Item button. Repeat for each entry.
  5. When the entries are completed, click Next.
    This page will be a review of your rate request.  Review the information and check for correctness.
  6. Click the Submit button to submit the Rate Request to your client. 
    • Click Delete to remove the Rate Request. 
    • To edit the Rate Request before submitting, click Back and add/edit rate items
  7. Click Done to save changes and submit later.

After you submit a rate request, the client's system must sync to Collaborati for the client to receive the request. When the client's system receives a request, the client can approve the rate with or without proposing another rate, or reject the request.

Note: If a rate freeze exists that covers a new submitted rate, the rate request is automatically rejected and a notification is created in Collaborati.


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