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Department: Review-Modify

Add or modify categories with export codes on the division or department level.

The Department: Review/Modify hyperlink in the Matter Maintenance sidebar allows site administrators to add or modify categories with export codes on the business unit/division level.


Under Category Name and Export Code, take the following actions:

  • Change the category name or code by typing directly into the text boxes under Category Name and Export Code, then click Save. The export code category is optional and is used when Lawtrac interfaces with other applications or passes data to and from other services.
  • Delete the category name and export code by clicking the department%3A_review-modify_trash_can.gif icon. Once deleted, these categories can be reactivated by going to Display Retired Categories and clicking Activate.
    Important Note: If the department is in use by Approval Chain or Invoice Handlers, you are not able to retire or delete the business unit.
  • View subcategories by clicking the department%3A_review-modify_hmfile_hash_178ffcd7.png icon. For unlinked levels, there is no drill-down department%3A_review-modify_hmfile_hash_178ffcd7.png icon, but you have an option to add a new sub-level category.

Add New Department Category

  1. Type a name and code into the corresponding text boxes under Add New. You can add a new department for different levels.
  2. Click Save.
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