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Advanced Settings(2)

In this chapter we will learn to work with Advanced Settings of Lawtrac.

From the Department: Review/Modify page in the Matter Maintenance sidebar, click Open Advanced Settings.

  • green switch—The levels are linked
  • red switch—The levels are unlinked


  1. Set the maximum number of levels in the text box directly under Master Settings, no more than 10 as maximum. Type directly into the text box and click Set.
  2. Click the colored indicator under Link the Levels to enable it or disable it.
    Note: When levels are unlinked, all added departments will be included in drop-down menus for each matter regardless of type. Therefore, the lists can get quite long, so careful consideration should be given when adding new departments.
  3. Set names to each level by typing into the appropriate text box. Click anywhere outside the text box after entry to save changes.



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