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Invoice Handlers

Adjust invoice handler workflow criteria, and set default invoice handlers.

An invoice handler is a Lawtrac user who is not able to approve or reject an invoice, but can control the order of approval and pass on the invoice as needed.

Invoice handler workflow criteria can be set to configure which invoice handlers are designated to which invoices. Creating a default invoice handler workflow eliminates the work of appointing invoice handlers for each individual invoice.

The Invoice Handlers page allows users to designate different handlers for future invoices depending on invoice qualifications. You can assign a handler dedicated to a specific type of invoice (e.g. HR issues, contracts, public, etc.), assign a different handler for each vendor, and/or assign a handler for a specific matter product, invoice amount, or division.

Application Administration | Finance Options | Invoicing:

Invoice Handlers Link

Invoice Handler Workflow Criteria

Invoice Handler Workflow Criteria “Order” dictates the weight—or priority—each criteria carries. For example, if you have a team of handlers dedicated to reviewing litigation invoices and a different team of handlers dedicated to reviewing invoices submitted by vendor “A”, and vendor “A” submits a litigation invoice, the team of handlers in the highest order role will retain the responsibility of reviewing the invoice (where order “1” is higher than order “5”). If an invoice of this type is submitted, the system automatically fills the handler roles with the users chosen for that type, vendor, or product.

Invoice Handler Criteria

Set criteria by selecting options from the available drop-down lists. "Field" must be selected before "Value", as the drop-down menu is contingent on Field subject.

Note: When assigning handlers for "Field: Invoice Amount", the "Value" field changes from a drop-down to a text box. Enter numerical criteria into this field. All invoices that sum up to this amount are assigned to the handlers selected for this criteria. If another workflow criteria is created for the invoice amount field for a greater sum, it applies only to invoices up to that amount while excluding the invoices that sum up to the previous invoice sum criteria. For example, a criteria for $1000 includes invoices up to $1,000, and a criteria for $5000 includes invoices between $1,001-$5,000. (Do not include the comma when entering a numerical value.)

Each handler chain must have a unique order position, and the criteria for "Order", "Field", and "Value" cannot contain incomplete data. You do not have to select a handler for both positions, and you can occupy both Handler fields with the same individual, if desired.

Default Invoice Handlers

Individuals selected for the Default Invoice Handlers are automatically assigned to all future invoices, unless the invoice meets the criteria set in Invoice Handler Workflow Criteria. Anyone with invoice approval rights can still change the approval chain for an individual invoice, but must to do it from within that particular invoice.

The default handler list can contain up to two handlers, but can be saved with as few as one assigned.

Default Invoice Handlers

Note: Setting new criteria affects future invoices only. If the user assigned as default handler is deactivated, the role as default handler must be reassigned manually.

  • edit icon blue—Edit an existing invoice handler configuration. A pop-up window appears where the order, field, value, and first and last handler may be changed. Click Update to save and confirm your changes, or Cancel to close the window without making changes.
  • trash can lg —Delete handler criteria.
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