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Approval Reset

Remove all skips, rejections, and approvals from an invoice.

The Approval Reset hyperlink in the Finance Options sidebar allows administrators and super users to remove rejections and approvals as deemed necessary for a specific invoice.

Approval Reset Link

  1. Enter the invoice number in the text box and click Go.
    Important Note: If more than one invoice with the same number is found you will be asked to select the firm/vendor who submitted the invoice.
    The checkboxes identify the approver and their approval/rejection decision.
  2. Click Reset to the right of that individual's name to erase the outcome.
    If that individual is not the last approver on the chain, resetting his/her action also resets the actions of the users on the chain following him/her. This enforces the "chain of command" behavior for the approval chains.Reset Rejections, Skips, or Approvals
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