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Delete Invoice

Delete a specified invoice, all zero amount invoices, or all orphan invoice information.

The Delete Invoice hyperlink in the Finance Options sidebar under Invoicing allows site administrators and super users to look up an invoice by invoice number or firm name and mark it for deletion. Additionally, administrators can delete all invoices without an amount, delete orphan invoice information, but will be unable to delete invoices in Lawtrac that were submitted from Collaborati.

Delete Invoice Link

  1. Enter the invoice number or the name of a firm/vendor into the text box and click Look-Up.
  2. Use the checkbox radio box to include approved invoices.
    A list of invoices is generated.
  3. Select the radio button radio button of the invoice that needs to be deleted, and click Delete Selected Invoice at the bottom of the page.

Important Note: Invoices must deleted one at a time. There is way to undo a deletion.

Delete an Invoice]

Other Delete Options

In the Delete Invoice page, you can also delete zero amount invoices or orphan invoice information. An "orphan" invoice is one that is not attached to a parent budget or account.

Click the corresponding button to permanently delete all invoices in that category.

Other Delete Options 

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