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Legal Hierarchy Maintenance

Assign multiple levels to categories which can operate either as linked or unlinked hierarchies.

The Legal Hierarchy Maintenance hyperlink in the Matter Maintenance sidebar allows categories to have multiple levels which can operate either as linked or unlinked hierarchies.


  • View Issues—See an overview of matter issues across all matter types; click Manage Categories to return to the main page

  • orange edit icon—View all options

  • arrow right—View and edit subcategories

  • trash_canRetire Category—Retire the category

    Important Note: If the category is in use by Approval Chain or Invoice Handlers, you cannot retire the category.





Enter a name for the category.


Label the category with an export code (optional).


Edit the title of a caption and turn access to captions on access_green or off red switch.


Mark an item as required on a matter record, hide/disable an item during the matter creation process, or opt to keep a record from being closed unless completed.

Category Connectors

Connect administration to a category so it displays on the matter menu.


Enter the contract information to be displayed on a matter labeled as Contract or Agreement.


Delete a workflow step with trash_can, or add a new workflow target by using the text boxes and clicking Add New Target. The access_green icon indicates if the work flow target is automatically added to new records. Click access_green to turn this function "off".


Edit data fields that will interact with your matter calendar.

Self Service

Add individuals to the list of notification recipients for self-service administration.

Screen Lay-out

Select Turn On to display a module, move up to move most important options to the top, move down to move an option down, or turn off to turn display off.

Folder Sets

The folder sets that appear here are automatically created for any future matter added under that specific category. You can find the associated folders in the Files & Folders section of a matter record.

Update current folders by typing in the text box and click Update, or add a new folder by typing the name in the empty text box and click Save. Click trash_can to delete folder.

Finance Captions

Name finance types for the matter finance screen. Click Save to confirm and update.


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