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Work-Security Groups

The Work/Security Groups hyperlink in the Application & Database sidebar allows you to edit the names of work/security groups that are made available on the Lawtrac application. Access to a specific work group completely separates listing matter records. When a user searches for matter records, the results are only those which correspond with the security group to which they are currently tuned in.

For example, if a user is assigned to a work/security group titled "Reporting Group 1", only matters that belong to Reporting Group 1 show up in a search result, and the user only has access to those matters. Matter records belonging to other work/security groups are marked "private" to that user.

Work/security groups can be set for a matter record on the Security page within a matter record.


  1. Click a security group name to edit the title.
  2. Type directly into the text box, then click Set.
  3. Click white x blue circle to exit without saving changes.


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