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Invoice Approval Amounts

Change a user's invoice approval amount.

The Invoice Approval Amounts link takes you to a list of individuals with assigned invoice authorization amounts. An invoice approval amount is the total sum of an invoice that an approver can be assigned before the invoice is passed on to somebody else. For example, if Sherri Bullard has an invoice approval amount of $1 (one USD), and has an unapproved invoice assigned to her that is for the amount of $350.00 (users are notified by messages in the Message column), the invoice is automatically passed over to Marisa Montefusco (see screenshot: "Invoice Approval Amounts", below).

If Marisa Montefusco's approval allowance is only $300, then the invoice is passed along, again, to whomever is assigned to Marisa's Hands To column.

The approval chain on the invoice's detail page still displays the original approver's name.

Invoice Approval Amounts Link

Note: A name appears in orange text if the person has been released, and the date of release appears under the Message column. If there is a released individual in the Hands To column, it is recommended to edit the person's invoice approval to be handed to somebody else.

Invoice Approval Amounts

Change an Invoice Approval Amount

  1. Click the calendar detail icon next to the name of an individual.
  2. Change the invoice approval amount by entering a new amount in the data field.
  3. Change the recipient of the invoice approval from the drop-down list under Hands To.
  4. Click Save when done.
    An individual can only hand invoices over to another if the latter has a higher maximum allowance.Edit Invoice Approval
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