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INSZoom:-Link Intake Sheet/Questionnaire for Prospect

Link Intake Sheet/Questionnaire for Prospect

Here's how to link an Intake Sheet Questionnaire so that every time a prospect is added the questionnaire is linked under their profile.


First, head to 'Prospects' in the main left menu and then 'Individual' in the left menu:


To make an intake sheet available for a new prospect, go ahead and include it here by selecting 'Attach' and then searching/selecting the desired questionnaire:

Note: These questionnaires are configured in the Knowledge Base. To learn more about modifying questionnaires in the KB, click here:



Once you have the correct intake questionnaire attached to the Prospect module, you can now view this questionnaire in a prospect's profile, by going to the individuals profile and selecting 'Client Intake Sheet' in the left menu:

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