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INSZoom:-How do I link an e-Consent to a foreign national

How do I link an e-Consent to a foreign national?

Here's how you can link an e-Consent so that a foreign national has to consent upon entering the Foreign National Portal.


Do you need to capture the consent of the corp users for a specific corporation? Or do you have a standard practice Terms of Use that you need any corp user from any new client to consent to?

Here's how you can link an e-Consent to the Corporation Portal!

First, go to 'Setup' and 'Portal Setup':

Next, select the corporation you want to configure the e-Consent for:

Then you'll select the 'Portal Content' tab and 'Terms of Use' on the left:


Once in the 'Terms of Use' tab, you'll be able to select the Terms of Use (also referred to as e-Consent) and then select 'Apply':

Now when a foreign national for that corporation logs into the Foreign National Portal, they will be met with the following:

If they accept the consent, they will continue on to the portal. If they decline then they will be denied access to the portal. Also, if they decline, a notice will be sent to the case manager letting them know. They can then contact the individual to understand why they declined, and proceed from there.

If they accept, they'll receive the following email for their records:

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