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INSZoom:-Headquarter (HQ) Module


Big corporations have a multi-level reporting structure (hierarchy). Different Corp users have different visibility needs - some need to track and manage immigration process for employees in their Business Units while some need visibility across all the Business Units. These corporations demand the Lawfirms to share the reports covering their hierarchy. Headquarter module helps the firm to setup this hierarchy.

Headquarter module allows firms to identify a corporation as the headquarter or the umbrella organization which supersedes multiple business units (BUs). Each of the BUs is linked to the headquarter to create a process that accounts for the actual structure of the organization. The following diagram clearly explains the concept of a Headquarter Module from the application's perspective.

What does it offer?

The HQ module provides the following benefits to INSZoom users-

  • Increased Visibility across Corporations- Our customers work with corporations that have multiple business units, divisions, branches, or subsidiaries and need a way to account for how each of the BUs use the firm’s immigration services. The INSZoom HQ Module enables this visibility for the primary global mobility team.
  • Efficient Reporting- Corporations need to report on how much immigration activity happened in each of their BUs, and they need to track the associated costs. With the HQ module enabled, HR Managers can seamlessly run such reports across various BUs.
  • Manage Foreign Nationals of different Business Units- Case managers can only manage FNs of their assigned BUs and have no visibility into the other branches through their HR Portal login. With the HQ module enabled that acts as an umbrella corporation over the BUs, users can manage employees at any of the linked BUs.

Getting Started with HQ Module

Navigation: Main Menu > Corporation > Headquarter

This page lists all the created Headquarters for your firm.

Users can perform a set of tasks for each Headquarter. Some of the important tasks are listed below-

  1. Add a New HQ- INSZoom users can add a new HQ by clicking on the 'Add New Headquarter' button on the HQ listing page. The mandatory fields to add a new HQ are the 'Headquarter Name' and 'First Name', 'Last Name' of the contact person of the HQ.

Users can also add a new HQ by clicking on 'Headquarter' in the left Menu on the HQ listing page and clicking on 'Add New'.

2. Edit HQ Details- Users can edit the details of an HQ on the HQ details page by either clicking on the 'Edit' button on the screen or by clicking on 'Headquarter Details' in the left menu and then clicking on 'Edit' available as one of the options.

3. HQ Branches

  • Users can view corporations that are linked to this HQ by clicking on 'Headquarter Branches' in the left menu and then clicking on View.

  • Users can also Link and/or Unlink corporations from the HQ using Link and Unlink buttons on the main screen of View Headquarter Details or available from the Left menu on clicking 'Headquarter Branches'.

  • Link allows users can add a Corporation/BU to the HQ Branches.

  • Unkink allows users to remove a Corporation/BU from the list of HQ Branches.


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