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Custom Lists and Filtering

The various tabs for items in GCD (Contracts/Documents, Actions, Folders, Players) allow for filtering to more easily find the desired item. Likewise, creating a list can allow administrators to create Scheduled Email Reports. This page details how to build and save these lists.

Use the drop-down menus for Now showing...  and Group by to utilize these filters. Each item will have different default filters, but custom filter lists can be created by clicking More and New List from the resulting pop-up window. As of GCD 2.3, Full Text searching on documents within the selected subset is applied to documents.

Building a New List
For each row, pick a field, a comparison, and a value. For example, to find all actions created in the past 30 days,
    Select Created Date from the Fields List
    Select "Is In the Previous ___ Days" from the Comparison List
    Enter 30 as the Value (the number of days)

To view this list without saving it, click Open List.
Note: Admins can enable or disable this feature on the Admin Team Settings page.

To save the list for future use:

  1.     Click Save this List
  2.     Enter a title and optional description
  3.     If you want this list to be available to other team members, check the checkbox labeled "Share with the rest of the Team"
  4.     Click Save
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