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Admin Settings - Team

The Team Settings tab provides administrators with the ability to apply settings to the team at large.


Team Settings Notes

  • The Approved Sender List will allow blanket approval for listed domains. For the example above, if a partner company with the domain is trusted and in frequent contact, they will be added to this list.
  • The Lookahead settings can be adjusted to change the scope of Daily Reminders for your team. The minimum look-ahead value is 7 days.
  • The Maximum Login Attempts option allows administrators to set a number of failed logins before a user is locked out of the system. This field is optional.
  • Users can add custom logos for all team members by uploading an image file (250 pixels wide by 50 pixels high) in the Team Logo section.
  • Privacy and User-Level Customization of Lookup settings can be enabled or disabled from this screen.
  • The Default Currency entry field will allow you to append a currency symbol to your GCD transactions. This field will only accept one character.



Administrators are able to select from Document/Email Backups or Full Backups from the Admin Team Settings screen. Document/Email backups are available instantly via a .zip file download, provided that they do not exceed 1GB in size. For larger backups, please select the Full Backup option.

Click the Schedule Backup button to begin the full backup process. Downloads will be available as a .zip file within 24 hours of clicking this button. Backups are available for 30 days following their creation.

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