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Alerts in GCD

The following topic discusses alerts and their relation to actions in GCD. Alerts can be designed to help guide users to take an action or to simply notify users that an action has taken place or passed. Alerts for GCD users can be delivered via email or placed on the Dashboard.

Setting Up Alerts on Actions

1. Click Alert from the right panel after the initial save of the Action
2. Click the New Alert button. 
3. Adjust the entry fields as desired. 

For more detail on creating Actions, please see Creating an Action.

Note: If the action is set to recurring, the alert will not function if set to a fixed date. In these instances, you should select a relative date (ex. "if action is not completed by due date" or "3 days before due date").

The Others checkbox will allow users to type in email addresses outside of GCD. If you are sending the alert to outside users and GCD users, you must click the by eMail option on the alert for these outside users to receive notification. 

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