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Agendas in GCD

Agendas provide a streamlined, localized place for linking related tasks, contracts, and due dates. By default, agenda types can be set as Goals, Meetings, or Projects. Additional types can be created on the Agendas tab by clicking the icon next to the type dropdown.

Creating an Agenda

Click the Agenda link in the Create ribbon to create an agenda. 

1. Enter the required Name and Type fields. Type fields can be added by clicking the plus icon, entering in the new value, and clicking Add Item

2. Click the Save Changes button on the right navigation bar. 

3. After saving, users will be able to edit the Description, Assigned To, and Private fields. 

The respective sections underneath these details for Folders, Actions, Contracts/Documents and Events are read-only. These sections will populate with items that have been added to this agenda in their detail settings. Click the icon underneath Note to view additional details for each item.
Note: Users may need to refresh this page if recent edits to the subsections have been made. 

Creating an Agenda

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