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Release Notes v3.52.0

February 2023

This page details the list of enhancements/improvements and issues fixed in EraCLM 3.52.0 release.


This release includes the following enhancement:

Enhancement: Communication Owner (CO) and Controller roles are more synchronized.
Description: Automated emails sent from the CO to the counterparty are copied (cc) to the controller.
Additional Information: For more information, refer to the following links:

Tracking code: ​​DV-9908

Fixed Issues

Issue: Communication Owner (CO) role sent duplicated emails and couldn’t be used in EraCLM Express.
Description: We fixed the following issues related to the CO role:

  • Now EraCLM doesn’t duplicate emails when a user has the role of CO and another role, for example, controller, negotiator, viewer, or a custom role.
  • Even though a framework was configured to allow the CO role in EraCLM Express, the CO role couldn’t be configured or used.

Tracking code: ​​DV-9916, DV-10058

Issue: An agreement that contained a comment would hang when sending the agreement to the counterparty. 
Description: Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an agreement with a counterparty and without negotiators.

  2. Add a comment.

  3. Click the Begin Collaboration red right arrow.

  4. The agreement hung in the Begin Collaboration phase.

Tracking code: ​​DV-10059

Issue: The counterparty only received the first comment when using agreements from frameworks set with Counterparty Always Offline.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. The controller creates an agreement from a framework set with counterparty always working offline.

  2. The controller clicks the Begin Collaboration red right arrow.

  3. On the pop-up, the controller adds a comment and clicks Send.

  4. The counterparty receives an automated email with the first comment and an attachment.

  5. The counterparty edits the agreement and sends it back to the controller.

  6. The controller clicks Document icon > Upload MS Word to upload the agreement.

  7.  The controller adds, accepts, and rejects changes to the agreement. 

  8. The controller sends the agreement to the counterparty by using the red right arrow. 

  9. The controller adds a second comment.

  10. The counterparty receives an automated email without the second comment and an attachment.

Tracking code: ​​DV-10073

Issue: Download PDF button in Framework Builder didn’t work as expected.
Description: Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to gear > Framework Builder.

  2. Choose a framework.

  3. Select preview, click right arrow > eye icon.

  4. Click Download PDF.

Tracking code: CRO-2425, DV-9901

Issue: In EraCLM Express, Document Essentials > Client Contact Email appeared grayed out sometimes.
Tracking code: ​​CRO-2412, DV-10000

Issue: Admin Panel > Queues > Queue notification settings were not editable for existing queues.
Tracking code: ​​CRO-2429, DV-10024

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