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Release Notes v3.51.0

January 2023


About This Release

This release introduces improvements to SoftDelete and a fix to the Download PDF button in the Framework Builder.



This release includes improvements to SoftDelete. SoftDelete is a feature that keeps track of all changes made via redlining. You can download a PDF copy of the agreement during negotiation and see all changes made to the agreement. SoftDelete also conceals changes done during internal negotiation and initiates again the redlining process during the negotiation between team 0 and the counterparty (team 1). SoftDelete is configured at framework level, ask Support to configure SoftDelete in your framework settings. 

Improvements to SoftDelete include the following changes:

  • A more granular track of changes and edits. Before entire sections were redlined and now redlines only include the words or sentences that had changed for the addition and deletion of text. 

  • Once it’s been agreed on a deletion, the deletion is no longer tracked.

Tracking code: DV-9356


Bug Fixes


This release fixes the Framework Builder Download PDF button. Now the Download PDF button downloads a PDF copy of the framework to read and compare easily. The steps that this fix refers to are as follows:


  1. Go to cog > Framework Builder.

  1. Select a framework.

  2. Select preview, click right arrow > eye icon.

  3. Click Download PDF.

Tracking codes: CRO-2425, DV-9901


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