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Release Notes v3.50.0

January 2023


About This Release

This release introduces the new Communication Owner role, the new Accept items on behalf of the counterparty button for agreement acceptance, and enhancements to the Framework Builder UI. This release also fixes bugs related to offline negotiation, redlines, and EraCLM Express.



This release includes the following enhancements:


  • Roles. We introduce the new Communication Owner (CO) role. The CO role is an intermediary between team 0 and the counterparty to cover scenarios where the negotiators are concealed from the counterparty and the point of contact is an individual outside of negotiations. The CO role is available for frameworks with that option enabled.

Tracking code: DV-9114


  • Negotiation Acceptance. We introduce a new configuration in the framework that allows the controller to accept the agreement on behalf of the counterparty only when the counterparty doesn’t make changes to the agreement. This way you don’t need to upload a copy of the same agreement and you can continue the negotiation process. This setting is configured at framework level.

Tracking code: DV-9623


  • Frameworks. On Admin Panel > Framework Builder > Framework > Parent & Child tab, when configuring the framework to have a parent-child relationship with other frameworks, the list of frameworks now emphasizes which frameworks are set as parents of the framework being configured. 

Tracking code: DV-9885, CRO-2423



Bug Fixes


This release includes the following bug fixes:


  • EraCLM Express. We fixed an issue during the text alternatives configuration in which EraCLM Express would show a blank page to configure tags when tags configuration wasn’t needed.

Tracking code: DV-9806


  • Redlines. When doing a copy-paste of content that included both text and tables, redlines didn’t show correctly on the text and on tables pasted to the agreement.

Tracking code: DV-8770, CRO-2332


  • Offline Negotiation. When the counterparty selected the option to work offline when opening the agreement for the first time, EraCLM wouldn’t show the modal to download the agreement as a Word file and instead would take the counterparty to the EraCLM editor. 

Tracking code: DV-9130


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