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Release Notes v3.42.0


January 2022

About This Release

This release includes enhancements to Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the Insights module, the Queues module, and the document editor. It also fixed some minor bugs.


This release includes the following enhancements:

  • Queues. We have improved the queues user interface, now it’s friendlier and more intuitive. On the top menu, you can filter what to display: queues by type (drafting or approval), queues by name and provide a date range. The search bar on the top right finds tasks by agreement Id, agreement name and queue name. The panels for pending assignments and assigned tasks provide information based on the filters applied, including the counters, which only count tasks based on the filters applied, not in general as before. Additionally, you can filter approval tasks by user or queue name. For more information, see how to use task queues.
  • Documents. Now, if a framework is configured with Soft-Delete, the line numbering in the agreement doesn’t show when you download the agreement as a PDF file.
  • OCR. We have improved OCR monitoring for our support team. This lets us have more information about the status of your documents and ensure that they have been imported.
  • Insights.
    • Now you can query historical data from users that were deleted.
    • We have added more colors to label Document Types in Insights. Ask our support team to configure colors as necessary.

Bug Fixes

We fixed minor bugs.


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