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Release Notes v3.43.0

March 2022


About This Release

This release includes enhancements to EraCLM API, document editor, the Agreements section, framework builder, as well as EraCLM and smart tags integration.


This release includes the following enhancements:


  • API. We have added a new endpoint that retrieves the agreement list as it appears on the Agreements section in EraCLM. This endpoint retrieves agreements of types Document, Record and Request.


  • Document Editor. We have improved documents redlining when the following case appears. 

  • User A redlines something in the document and sends the document to user B.

  • User B rejects that redline and sends the document back to A.

  • Now user A can see which redline was rejected and identify what needs to be approved or rejected.


  • Document Editor. We have improved document redlining by making a distinction between two redlines in the case when different users work on the same section, so that a user can distinguish their redlines from the ones of the counterparty when doing copy-paste within a redline.


  • Agreements. Now My Agreements > My Team Agreements shows agreements with status Waiting for external signature. This status shows agreements ready to be signed in third party signature providers.


  • EraCLM Express. Now EraCLM Express contains smart tags. You can see and edit smart tags within EraCLM Express.




Bug Fixes


Framework Builder. Before, when creating a text alternative, checkbox Use this text alternative as default for section couldn’t be set during creation and instead only after accessing the text alternative a second time.




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